The Hollywood wasting disease

In the Publix checkout line my eyes were drawn to yet another photo of Angelina Jolie barely keeping her size 0 gown in place. The tabloid cover blared out a headline about celebrity eating disorders, including a mention of Kelly Ripa and anorexia’s original poster child, Lara Flynn Boyle. Both *amazing* Kelly and Lara, at 5’4″, have been as thin as 85 pounds. On purpose.

Can you believe that? I haven’t weighed 85 pounds since the fifth grade.

I find this one of life’s most ridiculous ironies. These are women who can afford gorgeous, sprawling homes, travel to ultra-private five-star resorts, custom-designed cars and fabulous wardrobes of clothes that are worn only once, then given away. All of this while existing on a diet that supplies the bare minimum for supporting life.

Apparently for women in the upper tax brackets, it’s the ultimate sign—or requirement—of success to weigh no more than a 10 year old.

I have these moments (Oh…I avoid them) when I look in the mirror and really *see* myself. Cellulite and all. I wonder if these women ever look in the mirror and really see the cadaver staring back at them…and ask themselves why they deprive themselves of delicious things they can easily afford in order to look this way?

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